Small Group Games


Small Group Games

Playing games are a great way to get your group active, loosened up, or just break up an afternoon class.  Here is a list of small group games that work well with groups of less than 10 people.

Steeple Chase

A mock race around an imaginary horse race track, good for kids and younger groups. 4+ people.

Instructions for Steeple Chase

Use the Chair as a Prop

A fun improv-type game where one group member uses a chair (or other item) as a prop to act out an activity and other members call out their guesses. 4+ people.

Instructions for Use the Chair as a Prop 

Penguin race

Similar to Steeple Chase, this is another imagination game where group members are encouraged to race as a penguin. For kids (or adults who aren’t afraid of looking silly!). 4+ people.

Instructions for Penguin Race

123 Look Up

A simple elimination game. At the signal of the leader, group members all look at another member of the group. If two members are looking at each other, they are eliminated from the round. 6+ people.

Instructions for 123 Look Up


An elaborate game of rock, paper, scissors where participants evolve from eggs all the way up to champion. 8+ people.

Instructions for Evolution

Traffic Lights

A good warm up game for young kids, where participants walk, run or stay still depending on what color the leader says the ‘traffic light’ is.  8+ people.  

Instructions for Traffic Lights

Over Under Race

A team race to pass the ball from the front of the line to the back, alternating passing it over their head and through their legs. 8+ people (need an even number). 

Instructions for Over Under Race

More Group Games

You can find plenty more group games here:

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Have a great small group game that we should include in our list? Let us know!


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Small Group Games


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