Lava Flow


The objective of the activity is to get all team members safely across the lava flow. Participants cannot touch the lava and therefore must use platforms provided to cross to safety.

Equipment Required:

  • Platforms: Either a tyre, milk crate, carpet square or rubber baseball base per person – you can also substitute for 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper.
  • To mark off the activity area use 2 pieces of rope (or 4 cones)
  • Blindfolds (optional)

Space Required: Medium. Indoors or outdoors.
Group Size: 8 to 12 ideally, but can be done with 6 to 14 participants. For larger groups split them into teams and get them to race against each other.

Total Time: 25 minutes

  • 5 minute to brief and set up
  • 15 minutes to achieve outcome
  • 5 minutes to review and debrief

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving

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