Project Planning 2 – Identify Contributing Tasks


Produce A Work Breakdown Structure

The work breakdown structure is a tool project managers use to clarify the sequence of events and the activities linked to them and breaking down the project into manageable activities. This is often used at the start of a project during the planning stage and acts as the foundation of the project.

So why create a Work Breakdown Structure?

  • Gives a solid foundation for planning and action planning
  • Breaks down projects into manageable tasks with task priority
  • Aids project managers with resource allocation
  • Ensures that no important deliverables are missed
  • Provides a proven approach to planning projects that can be used repeatedly
  • Provides a good tool for group brain-storming and working as project team

Most computer based project management systems have a work breakdown structure as part of the programme. Particularly good is Microsoft Project which is very simple to use and allows changes to be made
easily to the project – it is expensive at £450 for the programme, so check out our free alternative below.

Download Work Breakdown Structure (Word)

If you know of any good online project management programmes then please comment below.

Example Work Breakdown Structure Customer Service Feedback Project



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