Parking Space


When delivering a workshop or meeting, sometimes your team have some great ideas which aren’t linked to your current topic or discussion but are worth considering at a later time. Instead of ignoring these ideas (potential game changers) try using the parking space method and ask someone in the group to note them down. This allows you to discuss them in greater detail at a later time without interrupting the current flow of discussion.

If something comes up that’s not relevant to the discussion ‘park’ it in the parking space. Place a large sheet of paper on the wall and write down any points not related to the discussion when they come up. This will keep you and your team stay focussed but reassures team members that they have been heard.

It is important that you deal with all parked items listed. At the end of your workshop or meeting, allocate time to discuss parked items in greater detail. You never know what might come up when brainstorming and discussing points, provide an opportunity for your team to use their creative thinking skills and don’t reject ideas until they have been properly analysed and discussed – all it takes is one idea which can have a major impact on your team or organisation.


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