Missile Launch


The group has to construct two missile launchers that can launch a missile over a target 10 metres away.  After 30 minutes the teams are allowed two practice shots (using golf balls) after which they can review their designs before they make their final shot with an egg.

Equipment Required: 20 x 6ft bamboo canes, 10 x 4ft canes, tracer cord, string, old rope (various lengths), 2 x golf balls, eggs, metre ruler and cones
Space Required: Large. Outdoors only.
Group Size: 12 to 20 ideally.

Total Time: 70 minutes

  • 10 minutes to brief and set up
  • 10 minutes planning time
  • 40 minutes to build
  • 5 minutes to test
  • 5 minutes to review

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Cooperation
  • Creative thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Time management

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