Marble Motion


Each team is provided with two pieces of flip chart paper and a roll of sellotape and are tasked with creating two marble movers to keep a marble rolling as long as possible. After creating their builds, all teams come together to test their marble movers. The team that has the longest combined time, wins the challenge.

Equipment Required: 2 x flip chart paper (per team), sellotape and marbles.
Space Required: Small. Indoors or outdoors.
Group Size: Up to 48, split into teams smaller teams of 8-12

Total Time: 70 minutes

  • 5 minutes to brief and set up
  • 50 minutes to build marble movers
  • 10 minutes for testing
  • 5 minutes to review and debrief

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Cooperation
  • Creative thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Time management

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