Leaky Pipe


Team’s race against the clock to try and retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. To do this they are provided with a bucket of water and several cups. Teams are required to use good teamwork and problem solving skills to complete the challenge.

Equipment Required: 2 buckets of water, 2 table tennis balls, cups, 2 pipes drilled with holes (can be purchased from plumbing specialist store).
Space Required: Small. Outdoors only.
Group Size: 8 to 12 ideally, but can be done with 6 to 14 participants.

Total Time: 20 minutes

  • 5 minutes to brief and set up
  • 10 minutes to achieve outcome
  • 5 minutes to review and debrief

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

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