Let the experts teach you how to facilitate
an incredible team building event!

Select from one of three products and services that will take your facilitation to the next level

There are so many factors that determine whether your team building event is exciting and impactful or falls flat. There is an ancient expression, "The intelligent man learns from his mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." Well, we've been there. Each of our facilitators has between 10 to 25 years of team building experience.

We've learned how to design training programs for 10 people to 500 people and gained deep insight into debriefing activities to help people apply their learning. We've  discovered how to engage even the most skeptical participant. Not sure which activities to select? We can help you. Need icebreakers for a small group or want a closing activity that engages a large group of people and leaves them laughing as they go? We can help you with that too.  Here’s your opportunity to learn from the masters in a fun and supportive environment!

​Coaching Me!

Work one-on-one with a team building trainer who has led more than a thousand team building programs. Whether you need to talk for an hour or would like to develop your skills through a series of coaching sessions, we can help. Let us work with you to develop your facilitation or program design skills. We know that creating the proper flow of activities is an art that can take years to develop on your own, and what took us years to hone can be shared with you in just a few hours. Ever wish you had a mentor to help you learn and grow? Now you do!

The length of the coaching process will be determined based upon your needs.

Team Building Facilitator Training

This package includes the coaching services described in Coach Me!. In addition, you will receive the Complete Team Building Toolkit that includes...

- Team Building Activity Books 1 & 2 - 30 Ready-to-go Team Building Activities
- The Group Games Guide with 87 Ice Breakers & 5-Minute Fillers
- 15 Instructional Team Building Facilitator Videos
- 7 Exclusive Video Interviews with Experts, Packed with Practical Advice and Tips on Facilitating Team Building Activities, Icebreakers & Training Sessions
- 20 Downloadable Resources: Sample Team Building Programs, Questionnaires & Review Cards - 10 Downloadable Resources: Sample Team Building Programs, Checklists, Templates & Review Cards

The Facilitator Coaching Package

Do you have a group of people that you want to turn into team building facilitators? One of our expert trainers can spend a full-day teaching your people at your location everything they need to know about leading memorable and engaging team building programs. In addition to teaching you activities from icebreakers to small-group exercises and large-group closers, we'll show you how to debrief activities to bring insights into the real-world.

In this session, participants will learn:
- Setting expectations and intentions for the day
- Facilitating name games, ice breakers, prop-less initiatives and filler activities
- Moving people from one activity to another in style
- Selecting activities to create the proper flow of the event
- How to ask powerful questions that create aha! moments
- Moving the debrief from What? So what? to Now what?
- Integrating personality types into the debrief

This full-day event will impart years of team building experience to your facilitators so they can lead transformative team building events!