Capture the Flag


Two teams compete against each to try and find the other team’s flag. Once they have located the flag, they must then try to bring it back to their home zone, without getting caught and tagged by the opposite team. It involves a lot of teamwork and running and is a great game to use if you have a large outdoor space.

Equipment Required: 2 flags (or bright items to retrieve such as jumpers, cones etc), cones to mark area
Space Required: Very large. Delivered outdoors
Group Size: 10 or more (Minimum of 5 per team)

Total Time: 30 mins

  • 5 minute briefing and set up
  • 15-20 for main challenge/game
  • 5 minutes Review

Brief/Challenge Instructions

  • Prepare a playing area that is large enough for the game. Organise the group into 2 separate teams.
  • The aim of the game is to find and grab the other team’s flag and bring it back to the teams zone without getting tagged by a member of the opposite team. If a player is tagged holding the flag they are then placed in jail and hand the flag to the person that caught them (they must then re-hide it).
  • When a team hides a flag, they can not move it once it is set in its original place (at the start of the game). If the flag is moved by the opposite team, they can then re-hide it later on once they have tagged the opposite player carrying the flag.  Once both teams are ready, the round begins.
  • Allocate 2 zones for “jails” for each team.  Mark a centre line that separates two zones.  Provide each team with a flag (you can use any bright object such a t-shirt or cone).
  • Have each group hide their flag somewhere in their zone (or half).  Flag’s must be partially visible and possible to retrieve.


  • If any member of the opposite team enters a teams zone, they can tag them to “imprison” them.  Likewise, if an opposite team player tags a player when they are in the opposing team’s territory, then they will be need to go to the other team’s prison.
  • To get released from prison, they must be set free by a team mate who has to enter the opposition area to tag their team-mate out.

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Leadership

Useful hints and tips

If you have a small group reduce the size of the area appropriately. Explain any out of bounds areas including dangerous places. Brief the team on how to hide their flag, ensuring you warn them of areas where you have safety concerns such as woodland with exposed tree branches, nettles etc.

The game can get quite physical (especially with older groups) so make sure you keep an eye on any foul play and place the player in prison should you have any concerns.

If you have an odd number of participants – get one of them to assist you in refereeing the match and organise the game prison area. If you have too many players for a single game. Split into smaller teams and play and tournament style game instead.

Ensure you have plenty of water, to prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration of your group.


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